Snake Snares Mobile AL

Removing Snakes Mobile


Snakes can startle people slithering around and hiding in dark, damp areas. In spring and summer many of these cold blooded reptiles emerge to bask in the sun in their full glory. During these times, removing snakes and keeping your properties snake proof is of the utmost concern.

Eve’s Revenge Snake Snares is a trusted name that comes handy in the situations of encountering snakes and snake bite prevention. We offer a tried and tested system for deterring, trapping, and removing snakes from your Mobile, AL properties.

Our patent pending snake snares are highly effective solutions for removing snakes from your Mobile homes and business properties. Our snake snares are available in 100-linear foot kits, which are:

  • Available in ready-to-install kits
  • UV protected
  • Low-visibility
  • Made from materials sourced from US-based companies

Snake Bite Prevention Mobile


Tired of having to face slithery critters in your properties more often than usual? Looking for a snake bite prevention system that would snake proof your yards and premises? We have just the product that would allow you to heave a sigh of relief.

The best way for ensuring snake bite prevention is by installing our snake barrier. Our snake bite prevention system is available anywhere in Mobile area for your convenience. This unique system:

  • Has a filtration effect for deterring snakes
  • Entangles and incapacitates the snakes that try to cross it
  • Includes netting, cable ties, and sod staples

Call our office today to learn more about how our simple snake prevention fence helps remove snakes before they enter your property.

Snake Proof Mobile


As most people you must be looking for a permanent way to snake proof your property rather than the temporary traditional solutions of moth balls and sulphur. Our company has been assisting in handling unwanted reptilian guests and removing snakes from your Mobile properties since 2018.

A single snake bite can prove fatal and cause infections, be it from a poisonous snake or not. It is high time you consider better methods for exterminating snakes for your own safety. We guarantee that our uniquely designed snake snare will snake proof your yards from deadly venomous snakes to less dangerous ones. Our product is proven to be:

  • Extremely effective
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Hard wearing

Contact Eve’s Revenge Snake Snares to snake proof your Mobile area property. Call us at (318) 431-0902 to learn more about our snake bite prevention system.