Deterring Snakes Lake Charles LA

Deterring Snakes Lake Charles


The mere thought of encountering snakes is a dreadful one let alone sighting one in real life. These slithering cold blooded reptiles are a valuable part of our ecosystem as long as they do not enter our homes and yards, causing any sort of harm.

Eve’s Revenge Snake Snares is the name that will help in deterring snakes from your Lake Charles, LA properties, permanently. Whether it is about deterring snakes currently living on your property or keeping them from entering in the first place, we have just the product you need. Our patent pending snake deterrent is best for application in:

  • Homes and Commercial complexes
  • Industrial facilities and Construction sites
  • Gardens and playgrounds

Unlike other snake deterrents with big claims and no effectiveness, our snake snare is a sure shot solution for deterring snakes from your Lake Charles properties.

Snake Prevention Fence Lake Charles


Our uniquely designed snake prevention fence is a game changer that helps maintain a snake free home for our valued customers.

It has a filtration effect for blocking multiple sized snakes, called the barrier. Our snake prevention fence would come handy even if your yard was not gated or fenced previously. There is also a snaring effect in the snake prevention fence for snakes that attempt to get through the snare or trap.

To protect your property from a snake infestation, our snake prevention fence kit has optional installation techniques like:

  • Easy attachment to chain link, wooden, or iron fences
  • Stand-alone system
  • Simple installation techniques attaching a sweep to bottom of gates

Using our snake prevention fence on your Lake Charles properties can deal with every sort of unwanted slithery creature.

Snake Deterrent Lake Charles


ed reliable help for deterring snakes? With over 3000 species of snake spread throughout the world, the chances of coming into contact with a snake during our lives are pretty goNeod. Some territorial snakes stay around one area if they decide to create a nest, making it difficult to get rid of them. Our snake deterrent system for your Lake Charles property is the best solution for preventing snakes from entering or nesting.

Our snake deterrent system is a highly effective kit which is:

  • Ready to install
  • Low maintenance
  • UV protected
  • Made from materials sourced from US-based companies

Reach us for reducing the chances of a snake entering your property by using our snake deterrent system.

Call Eve’s Revenge Snake Snares at (318) 431-0902 for deterring snakes at your Lake Charles properties today!