Deterring Snakes Mobile AL

Deterring Snakes Mobile


People are advised to do a multitude of things for deterring snakes from their Mobile, AL property. These include avoiding tall grass or weeds in the garden, not having wood piles and other possible hiding places in the yard, keeping drains and vents securely covered, throwing out moth balls, using chemical snake repellent, etc.

However, the most effective snake deterrent is something quite different. Erecting a snake prevention fence around the yard has been found to be truly successful in deterring snakes from all types of properties. This is what Eve's Revenge Snake Snares offers. We manufacture and market a patent-pending snake prevention fence that comes in a base kit containing:

  • 100 ft snake proof netting
  • Sod staples
  • Cable ties

When installed along an existing fence, it forms a barrier for deterring snakes from any Mobile property. We also provide ground rods for creating a free-standing netting system to act as a snake deterrent in yards that are not fenced in.

Snake Prevention Fence Mobile


Most people do not know that not all snakes are poisonous and harmful. However, you cannot allow a snake infestation on your property, even if it may not be venomous snakes that enter the place.

Do not take chances with the safety of your family, pets, employees, or customers. Invest in our snake prevention fence for your Mobile property and rest assured while you go about your family or work life. Some beneficial features of our snake deterrent netting include:

  • UV protected
  • Minimal maintenance needs
  • Low visibility

Our snake prevention fence is quick and simple to install. Watch the installation videos on our website to see how easy deterring snakes from your property has become with our product.

Snake Deterrent Mobile


Do not think twice about placing an order for our snake deterrent if you want an assured solution to stop snakes from coming into your yard. Whether you are striving to deter snakes from your home, poultry pen, commercial complex, industrial facility, construction site, playground, or any other property, there is no better way than using our snake netting.

Choosing our snake deterrent for your Mobile property also brings you the satisfaction of investing in a product that has been made:

  • After careful research and testing
  • By a company that hires workers with disabilities
  • Using materials supplied by US-based companies

Call now for further details about our snake deterrent.

Need a sturdy and reliable snake prevention fence to secure your Mobile property? Call Eve's Revenge Snake Snares at (318) 431-0902.