Deterring Snakes Flagstaff

Deterring Snakes Flagstaff


You can never be completely at ease if snakes are present in your area. However, you cannot depend on things like keeping the yard free of clutter, avoiding low plants, or filling in holes in the lawn for deterring snakes from your Flagstaff, AZ area property.

The snake deterrent or repellent market is full of sanke repellent products that are designed to keep these reptiles out of a yard. The internet is flooded with ‘simple’ solutions or repellents for deterring snakes from a property. The sad fact is that hardly any of these repellents is very useful.

The best way to repel them is a ready-to-install snake prevention fence offered by Eve's Revenge Snake Snares. We offer all natural snake proof netting that comes in a 100 ft piece in a base kit that also includes sod staples and cable ties for installation. This repellent is used for deterring snakes from almost any type of Flagstaff property, including:

  • Homes and playgrounds or public parks
  • Commercial complexes, work places and industrial facilities
  • Livestock barns
  • Construction site

Snake Prevention Fence Flagstaff


Our patent-pending snake deterrent works by creating a barrier that stops these slithering reptiles outside the fence or gate of your property. You can install the snake deterrent along with your existing fence structure. Your fence can be a wooden, iron, or chain link fence. To complete the full coverage of the snake prevention fence, a sweep is installed on the bottom of the gate as a sanke repellent.

You can benefit from the use of our snake repellent or prevention fence around Flagstaff even if the place you want to safeguard is not gated or fenced. Creating a free-standing system for deterring snakes is achieved by installing the natural repellent netting along fiberglass ground rods that are put up every 10 feet.

No matter how you choose to install our repellents, our snake prevention fence:

  • Has proven to be effective
  • Is sturdy and UV protected
  • Needs little maintenance

Snake Deterrent Flagstaff


Installing our reliable snake deterrent in your Flagstaff area property brings you complete peace of mind, allowing you to go about your daily life without worrying about how to keep the reptiles out of your yard.

At the same time, our repellents give you the satisfaction of using a snake deterrent that is:

  • Designed by a highly experienced pest control expert
  • Made using materials sourced from US companies
  • Manufactured by a business that employs disabled workers

Call now if you are interested in deterring serpents from your property.

Call (318) 431-0902 for more details about the snake prevention fence offered for Flagstaff area residents by Eve's Revenge Snake Snares.