Snake Snares Birmingham AL

Removing Snakes Birmingham


If you reside in a region where snake sightings are quite common, it is important to make your property snake proof. You would not want to step into the yard to find yourself in company of a dangerous reptile. You would not want to be constantly worrying about venomous snakes entering your building and biting someone.

Get in touch with Eve's Revenge Snake Snares if you need an effective solution for catching and removing snakes from your Birmingham, AL property. We offer specially designed netting for installation along the yard to make the place snake proof. It makes it impossible for the snake to slither in and thus, acts as a snake bite prevention system.

Our product can be used for removing snakes from properties of all types and sizes. We can help in removing snakes in Birmingham from:

  • Homes
  • Commercial complexes
  • Industrial facilities
  • Public properties

Snake Bite Prevention Birmingham


The knowledge that your loved ones or employees could fall prey to snake bite any time can make you live in a constant state of panic. We cannot let that happen!

Let us restore your peace of mind by installing our snake bite prevention system in your home or business. The snake snare can be put up along a fence and as a free-standing system in properties without fencing. A typical base kit of the snake bite prevention system for Birmingham properties includes:

  • 100 feet of netting
  • Cable ties
  • Sod staples

You can get as many kits as you need, depending on the area from which you are interested in removing snakes. To learn more about our snake bite prevention method, call now!

Snake Proof Birmingham


There are numerous articles online on ‘how to keep snakes out of your yard’. Sadly, the remedies they suggest for deterring snakes are not as effective as the writers would have you believe. Actually, you will notice hardly any success at all on using these tricks to make your property snake proof.

Do not waste time in exploring such ideas, leaving your place open for snakes to enter. Snake proof your Birmingham home or business instead with our snake trap. Besides being highly efficient, our snake proof netting is:

  • Durable; can withstand harsh climate
  • Easy to install, maintain, and repair
  • Economically priced

Let Eve's Revenge Snake Snares make expert arrangements for snake bite prevention on your Birmingham property. Call (318) 431-0902 to learn how we can help in trapping and removing snakes from your yard.