Snake Snares Miami

Removing Snakes Miami


As the outside temperature starts rising, cold-blooded reptiles begin to move around for sunbathing, finding food, and breeding. You need to make your property snake proof if you want complete peace of mind while everyone at the place goes about their daily routine. Eve's Revenge Snake Snares can help.

Our company has been assisting people in trapping and removing snakes from their Miami, FL area property since 2018. We have designed and developed a patent-pending snake snare that is used to prevent snakes in a yard.

As many home and business owners will agree from personal experience, removing snakes from the property is extremely difficult. The popular traditional solutions like sulfur, mothballs, cinnamon, and clove oil have not been effective in making a place snake proof. We assure property owners of a tested and proven system for preventing and removing snakes from their Miami property. Our snake trap is:

  • Available in ready-to-install kits
  • Low visibility
  • UV-protected
  • Made in the US

Snake Bite Prevention Miami


As the adage goes – an ounce of prevention is better than the cure. We believe that it is advisable to take a pro-active approach for dealing with venomous snakes commonly found in this region. Arranging for snake bite prevention in your Miami area property is better than rushing for snake bite treatment.

Installation of our snake barrier is an excellent way of ensuring snake bite prevention. This uniquely simple, yet effective system primarily uses netting that:

  • Uses filtration effect for stopping the entry of a snake
  • Traps and incapacitates snakes that try to go through
  • Is easily repaired after removing snakes that get trapped

Get in touch with us right now if you appreciate the importance of snake bite prevention.

Snake Proof Miami


Snake infestation is a much bigger worry than any other pest infestation. If you are in a locality that is home to deadly snakes or even non-poisonous snakes, it is never too early to snake-proof your Miami area property.

Call us to learn about our snake deterrent and snake bite prevention system. We can snake proof all types of properties.

We can install a snake prevention fence or free-standing snake netting for removing snakes from:

  • Homes and commercial properties
  • Barns and poultry or livestock pens
  • Industrial facilities, airports, and more
  • Playgrounds

Let Eve's Revenge Snake Snares make your life easy by installing an assured method for snake bite prevention in your Miami area property. Call (318) 431-0902 to learn how you can snake proof the place.