What is Eve’s Revenge Snake Snares?
Scared of snakes?  Want to protect your property from snakes?  Do you want to reclaim your backyard as a safe place for you and your family to go?  Do you want to prevent snakes from a certain area?  Look no further.  Take a look at What’s in the Box of Eve’s Revenge Snake Snares​ (Watch Video)

What if I have a sidewalk instead of grass by my fence?
No worries, you can use silicone adhesive found at the hardware store.  You’ll want to apply a continuous line (bead) on the ground in place of the sod staples.  View our Pro Tip video to see this done. (Watch Video)

What if my fence has a gate?

Most fences do and you want to be able to come and go.  We recommend purchasing some hardware cloth (found at the hardware store.  You can buy PVC coated or galvanized which you can paint to match your fence).  The material is pliable and as you’ll see in our video on the Pro Tip page is an easy way to keep consistent coverage.  It will act as a gate sweep. (Watch Video)

What if I don’t have a fence?

That’s ok!  Here we demonstrate how to use ground stakes (sold separately or available at your hardware store) to provide support for the netting to be installed without a fence line to follow. (Watch Video)

I have a chain link fence

Great!  Take a look at our primary installation video Here Link to Installing Eve’s Revenge Snake Snares. (Watch Video)

I have an iron fence

Excellent!  Take a look at our primary installation video Here Link to Installing Eve’s Revenge Snake Snares. (Watch Video)

I have a wooden fence

You will want to use a T50 stapler (found at your local hardware store) to attach the top portions of the net to your fence in place of the cable ties.  View our Pro Tip video for Wooden Fence Installs. (Watch Video)

My fence is not listed here

If you have a true doozy of a situation, please contact us and we will help you troubleshoot installation techniques.

How often will I have to replace Eve’s Revenge Snake Snares?
As long as you maintain it as prescribed you should get a couple years use from it. Our product is UV protected.

What do I do when I find a snake caught?
Simply put, call a professional.  Approach snakes with caution.  All snakes can bite and some snakes are venomous.  Do NOT directly handle trapped snakes.  Use caution when removing or releasing animals and always use protection to guard against bites.  When in doubt, call a professional pest control company for safe snake removal.

What kind of snakes will it catch? 

Our product is designed to help you manage snakes native to North America. 

How big of a snake can it catch?  

It catches babies to adults of most North American breeds. However, we are developing a larger scale system for use in areas known for extremely large snakes.

How is this supposed to work if it’s less than a foot off the ground?

We have found that snakes don’t try to climb it.  They don’t sense that it’s there since it’s so hard to see and made from such a fine material.  By the time they notice, they’re already in trouble.

Can I use a weed eater once installed?

NO!  Weed eaters will damage our product, don’t forget to tell your landscaper.  Instead, you should apply a grass/weed killer or even a growth regulator (made for golf courses if you prefer not to have any burnt grass) every month to two months.