Snake Snares saved my Yorkie’s life yesterday. My pup was playing with the tail of a snake when I found him. Thankfully the snake was caught in the snares outside the fence where I killed it. A copperhead!! Then I found another copperhead caught about a foot away. My dog would never have survived a…

S.R. – Bossier City Louisiana

I never worried about snakes before until my daughter started having friends over to swim. I decided to try snake snare and have already stopped 3 copperheads from getting into my yard. It’s possible this invention saved a life. I am very pleased with this purchase.

D. Ducote – West Monroe, La

As a daycare owner, I was constantly worried about the safety of my children while they played on the playground because of past snake issues we’ve had. Eve’s Revenge Snake Snares has proven to keep the snakes OUT… and the liability to a minimum. I highly recommend this system to folks that are serious about…

M. C. – Benton, LA

We have puppies and have struggled to keep snakes out of our yard. Since installing Eve’s Revenge Snake Snares 3 years ago, we have caught dozens of snakes and kept our yard safe. We have found Snake Snares to be very effective at keeping snakes on the other side of our fence!

S & D Rogers

My husband and I consulted with Chris and determined that Snake Snares was just the solution we needed to keep snakes from getting under our house and into our garage. The installation was quick and easy and the peace of mind it has given us has been wonderful. We highly recommend this product!

Michael and Judy Williams